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As a culture, we value health and fitness. We go to great lengths to be as active as we can. Even when we do not go to those lengths, we know we should be. We know that the better shape we are in, the more healthy we will be, and will be able to enjoy long lives.  We will often engage in specific exercise regimens to help us get there. When we lack a Personal Trainer, we will seek out guidance as to what to do in order to get into shape.


Just as it is important to focus on our physical health and wellness, our spiritual health is just as if not more important. We know we want to get closer to God but are often unsure how to go about that. We feel like we lack the guidance an exercise regimen provides.


The Bible does offer ways for us to workout in our faith. Over the centuries these have become known as spiritual disciplines. These disciplines require attention and focus just like physical exercise. The benefit is a more healthful, devoted life of faith.


This Lent, we will be exploring some of those disciplines. Think of this journal as your spiritual workout journal.  You may already practice some of these, and some of them may be new to you. We present with each discipline an explanation of what it is and also a start-up guide for trying it in your own life. 


Let this be a season where you begin to see a new you. Maybe some of these disciplines can become a part of your normal workout every day. The more we workout, the more we will see God at work.

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